Conference Programme


Council Room, King’s College London



May 18, 2017


9:30: Welcome


10-11:15: Session 1:

Chair: Michael Silk

Michael Randall: “Mon flaiollet ne vault plus rien: On Sex, Music and Poetry in Jean Molinet” Marc Gotlieb: “Giotto’s Nakedness, the Dueling Angels, and Other Tales from the Scene of Instruction”


11:15-11:30: Break


11:30-1: Session 2:

Chair: Catherine Gilbert

Michael Winston: “Desire, Approximately: Cornelius de Pauw’s New World Bodies”

Kathryn Hoffmann: “Pathways of Desire, Labyrinths of Knowledge:  Theorizing in Lost Museums”


1-2: Lunch


2-3:15: Session 3:

Chair: Miranda Stanyon

Nanette LeCoat: “Allegory, Enlightenment Orientalism, and the Ruins of Palmyra”

Robert Tomlinson: “The Triumph of Love: Desire and Knowledge in the Gardens of Socrates and Marivaux’s Hermocrate”


3:15-3:30: Break


3:30-4:45: Session 4:

Chair: Rosa Mucignat

Malina Stefanovska: “Knowledge and Desire in an Enlightenment Life: The Case of Casanova”

Ronan Chalmin: “La main de Thérèse: désir et savoir dans Thérèse philosophe (1748)”



5-6:30 Keynote 1:

Chair: Ziad Elmarsafy

Anne Vila: “Tales of Wit and Woe: Esprit and gens d’esprit from Montesquieu to Balzac”


8-11: Conference Speakers’ Dinner: Cooper’s Restaurant,49 Lincoln’s Inn Fields


May 19, 2017


10-11:15 Session 5:

Chair: Anne Vila

David Bell: “Balzac’s Théorie de la démarche:  Embodied Movement”

Steve Schwartz : “Desire, Knowledge, and the Reader’s Role in Two Novels by Flaubert”


11:15-11:30: Break


11:30 -1: Session 6:

Chair : Nora Parr

Daniel Desormeaux: “Savoir, désir et dévouement dans Thémistocle-Épaminondas Labasterre (1901) de Frédéric Marcelin”

Soraya Tlatli: “A Desire for Islam in Contemporary Psychoanalysis”


1-2: Lunch


2-3:15: Session 7:

Chair: Nicholas Harrison

Patrick ffrench: “Reasons Not to Move: Arguments against Desire and Knowledge in Late Beckett”

Sacha Golob: “Bataille and Transformation”


3:15-3:30: Break


3:30-4:45: Session 8:

Chair: Ana Maria Sousa Aguiar de Medeiros

Jane Elliott & Seb Franklin: “Desire, Interest, and Digitality: Spivak on Political Economy”


5-6:30: Keynote 2:

Chair: Daniel Desormeaux

Vincent Descombes: “Being Personal”


May 20, 2017

10:30-12: Forum and Closing Remarks